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    Centers Against Abuse and Sexual Assault (CAASA) provides services to victims and survivors of Sexual Assault. All services are free and confidential to all men, women, and children. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call our hotline for more information!


   The most important thing to do is what's comfortable to you. Give yourself the same love, understanding, and patience that you would give your friends or family. In time, you will recover. 


  Sexual Violence is never your fault, no matter what you wore, where you went or what you did. The assailant made a choice to violate your rights! Not saying "no" does not mean "yes."


24 hour crisis line​​

   CAASA has a staffed 24 hour HOPE line that provides support, crisis intervention, resources and most importantly a confidential person to talk to. Whether you are in crisis, want more information, or just want to talk with someone, a trained advocate will be available.


Support Groups for adults, teens and children

 Support Groups provide a safe place to share experiences, express feelings and learn skills that support the process of healing from sexual violence. All support groups are confidential and free of charge. CAASA's support groups run throughout the year and vary in structure and content based on client needs and staff availability.

Medical and Legal Advocacy

   CAASA advocates can help aid in the legal
and medical process. Such as court accompaniment, staying with you throughout the medical exam, helping to address urgent needs, and ensure that survivors understand their rights and their options. CAASA's advocates are mobile and are able to travel and meet you at the hospital, police department, courthouse, or other locations as needed.

Support services for loved ones

Friends, family members, and loved ones can be intensely affected when someone whom they care about experiences sexual assault or abuse. If you can better understand your own feelings, you can better address your own reactions and provide support to the survivor. There is support available for loved ones, too.  CAASA provides services to loved ones, regardless if the survivor is receiving services.

Prevention Education Training

     CAASA provides FREE prevention education in the counties we serve. Training & education can be provided to adults, children, & professionals, and is great for organizations that serve youth and/or for individuals concerned about the safety of children. 


Crisis Intervention

   During the time of crisis, CAASA advocates are available to discuss options, provide resources and crisis counseling. CAASA provides emergency shelter, transportation to safety and other housing options to victims of sexual abuse.

 *All services are CONFIDENTIAL & FREE to anyone regardless of race, religion, sex or capability.

Individual support and advocacy for adults, teens and children.

Advocates can provide emotional support and help survivors process their experience. They can provide knowledge and on-going counseling by helping each person understand their goals and how to help survivors in the journey to healing.

Safety planning

Safety can be an ongoing worry for anyone impacted by sexual abuse. Safety planning is a crucial tool in helping assess and brainstorm ideas to stay safe and help reduce to the risk of future harm. We can safety plan for future crises, discussion options and other ways to deal with stressful situations. Feeling safe is an important step in the healing process.

Information, referral and networking with other agencies

CAASA provides information, resources, and if needed, we can refer survivors to the correct community partner to help provide the best possible service/care. Many communities we serve have Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) that provide coordinated services for victims of sexual abuse.