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SART | Sexual Assault Response Team

What are the benefits of SART?


For the Victim

Coordinated response, sensitive intervention and information about options.



Increase training in forensic and medical care. Clear direction on best practice for victim care. Increased collaboration with victim-serving community partners.


Law Enforcement

Increase reporting. Specialized training protocol for investigation.  Better access to victims for follow-up.



Better informed victims. Better reports from law enforcement and medical staff. Victims are supported well in cases that proceed.



Increased community safety through increased reports and/or prosecution for survivors.


How does SART help?


Upon receiving notifications that a sexual assault has occurred, SART sends key team players to meet with the victim. The advocate, law enforcement and medical person are all able to respond and discuss options available.


Want to know more?


Want to know more about if your community has a Sexual Assault Response Team or trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, how to get one started or more information on SART/SANE trainings? You can contact our SART/SANE Coordinator Stephanie at 712-363-5488 or

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