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Advocates offer victims information about the different options available to them and support victims' decision-making. Advocates do not tell victims what to do. Advocates are committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of confidentiality in their communications with victims. An advocate's goal is to help victims' process by providing tools to them, as well as their family, to start in the healing process.


How an Advocate Can Help:


  • Providing information on victims' legal rights and protections

  • Providing information on the criminal justice process

  • Providing emotional support to victims

  • Helping victims with safety planning

  • Helping victims with victim compensation applications

  • Remaining with you (if you wish) throughout your examination, explaining all medical procedures and tests

  • Explaining your options and choices concerning police reporting and legal rights

  • Talking about the emotions and trauma that typically follow acts of sexual violence

  • Providing support and assistance to victims and family members



 *For more information or questions call our Hopeline at 1-877-362-4612 or call the individual County Offices during business hours.

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