What can I do if I am assaulted?

**Get to a safe place!!**

Steps you may take include:

1. Seek medical attention: regardless of whether you choose to report or not. 

(physical evidence can be collected up to 120 hours after an assault and you can report anonymously)
2. Call our HOPE line ANYTIME: 1-877-362-4612.   We will not report to police unless you chose that is what YOU want.

3. Report to the police, if you so choose.  
4. Talk to a counselor/therapist.
5. Talk to friends and relatives.


The most important thing to do is what's most comfortable to YOU. Give yourself the same love, understanding, and patience that you would give your friends or family.


Sexual violence is never your fault, no matter what you wore, where you went or what you did. The assailant made a choice to violate your rights! Not saying "no" does not mean "yes".

How can I help my friend, family member or partner?


  • BELIEVE your friend, family member or partner.

  • Respect their confidentiality.

  • Avoid judgmental comments.  NEVER ask any questions that start with why. They did NOTHING wrong!!

  • Ask how you can be of assistance rather than giving advice. 

  • Respect their decision even when yours may be different.

  • Be a good listener but understand if they don't want to talk about it. Let it be on their timeline.  

  • Don't always ask them how they are doing, unless this is something that you have always done before.  Try to treat them the same as before this happened.  They want normalcy.

  • When your child is a victim, don't treat them differently from the rest of your children. They want normal.

  • When your partner is a victim, avoid pressure to resume any form of sexual activity.   Be patient & understanding!  

  • Offer unconditional love and support. 

  • Some things you can say are:

                 "I'm glad you are alive."
                 "It's not your fault."
                 "I'm sorry it happened."
Become informed: Gather all the information you can about sexual violence and know what community resources are available. 

  • Suggest they call our Sexual Assault Hope Line: 1-877-362-4612 or a therapist.