Thank You!

Thank you for being part of the change within our community by supporting CAASA.  CAASA is fortunate enough to have continued community involvement, volunteers, and financial contributions. This is our chance to say “THANK YOU” and recognize that effort.  

April 2019 was a very busy month for us as it was Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

We had so many fundraisers, awareness events, and so much more! We want to thank all those who came out to support CAASA and the victims of sexual assault! We also want to thank those who volunteered their time, donated money or items to us, and any other ways that you all may have supported us. We could not have done this all without you!

Above are multiple pictures that were taken at our events! 

Centers Against Abuse & Sexual Assault

P.O. Box 996

Spencer, Iowa 51301


Office Number: 712-262-4612

Fax Number: 712-262-7616


                     Buena Vista: 712-732-8120

                     Calhoun: 712-363-5713

                     Carroll: 712-363-5713

                     Cherokee: 712-225-5003

                     Clay: 712-262-4612

                     Crawford: 712-363-5483

                     Dickinson: 712-362-3200                      

                     Emmet: 712-362-3200 

                     Ida: 712-225-5003

                     Lyon: 712-363-5686




County Office Numbers

                      Monona: 712-363-5483

                      O'Brien: 712-262-4612

                      Osceola: 712-363-5686

                      Palo Alto: : 712-262-4612

                      Plymouth: 712-363-5488

                      Pocahontas: 712-732-8120

                      Sac: 712-363-5713

                      Sioux: 712--363-5686

                      Woodbury: 712-255-2432




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