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Education and Trainings


   CAASA provides free trainings and educational opportunities. We offer school outreach and violence prevention education programs, community education and information programs. Here a few of the topics we have presented on in the past. If you want more information on our presentations contact us at 1-877-362-4612 or by calling your local advocate.

Community & Professional Trainings and Presentations


Victim Counselor Training

CAASA Services 101

Sexual Assault 101

Campus Sexual Assault

Human/Sex Trafficking

Violence Later in Life

SART-Sexual Assault Response Team

Respect and Boundaries

PREA-Prison Rape Elimination Act

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault



Internet Safety


Prom with No Expectations


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education


  • Adult Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Training

    • Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development

    • Darkness to Light

  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

    • Children Protection Unit

    • Safe Touches & Care for Kids

    • Teen Groups and Girls Circle

  • Please contact your local advocate or call 1.877.362.4612 to schedule your presentation! 


     ***All trainings and presentations are available in Spanish.


"Never stop Learning, because life never stops Teaching"

- Unknown

Centers Against Abuse & Sexual Assault

P.O. Box 996

Spencer, Iowa 51301


Office Number: 712-262-4612

Fax Number: 712-262-7616


                     Buena Vista: 712-732-8120

                     Calhoun: 712-363-5713

                     Carroll: 712-363-5713

                     Cherokee: 712-225-5003

                     Clay: 712-262-4612

                     Crawford: 712-363-5483

                     Dickinson: 712-362-3200                      

                     Emmet: 712-362-3200 

                     Ida: 712-225-5003

                     Lyon: 712-363-5686




County Office Numbers

                      Monona: 712-363-5483

                      O'Brien: 712-262-4612

                      Osceola: 712-363-5686

                      Palo Alto: : 712-262-4612

                      Plymouth: 712-363-5488

                      Pocahontas: 712-732-8120

                      Sac: 712-363-5713

                      Sioux: 712--363-5686

                      Woodbury: 712-255-2432




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